As a blogging newbie, I have (so far) three other blogs besides this one, each subject-focused, and each consisting mainly of stuff I’ve written specifically for that blog.  Here my plan is primarily to post materials I’ve written for other purposes, so as to give myself (and maybe others) easier access than by rummaging through my desk drawer for hard copy or emailing on demand from my hard drive.

I’ve started out by posting the dvar torah I presented last week at Shabbat services at Beth Emet.  I’m a new member of this Evanston congregation, having spent the last three decades at Temple Sholom in Chicago.  Volunteer leadership activities in the Jewish community have been my primary hobby for fifty+ years — but unlike many of my compatriots, I have been as focused on the content behind my committee and board meetings as on the business agendas.  (Yes, I know that agenda is a plural word in Latin, meaning Things to do, but I use it here in its English sense, the roster of discussion for a meeting, and therefore the plural form is permissible.  And this parenthetical comment should give readers another clue to who I am — someone who cares about nuances of language.)

Want to know more about me?  Stay tuned.  It will come out in what I post.


One Response to “About”

  1. Sybil Schwartz Says:

    I’ve wondered your origin…are you superacademic, superRabbi, superscholar, superblogger, compulsive writer, …I guess all of the aforementioned..
    have appreciated you well thought out interesting blogs on the URJ website..thank you for taking the time to write the blurbs..

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